Authored by - Asha Mathew                                                                                          

“My property has been vacant for five months now!” called in a concerned, elderly owner. He wasn’t as worried about the rent as about the overall maintenance of the property. “You see,” explained the elderly gentleman, “nature has a way of creeping into things that lie vacant.” We immediately understood his concern though we probably wouldn’t have been able to put it across the way he did.

Every now and then,a vacant property is something that every property management firm has to work with and work around. The vacant property might be here to stay a little longer now due to the shackles of COVID-19 which have chained all of us in different ways.

However, Raksha Property Management has always had an SOP in place to manage vacant property. We believe that a vacant property cannot be treated as an absent property till you find a tenant. Not just nature, even trespassers seem to find their way around property that is unattended.

That is where our first procedure comes in – a property can be vacant but can’t be unattended. So vacant property is identified area wise and assigned to a particular property manager for maintenance. The manager makes the scheduled visits to the property and does a thorough check of property.

Things that remain untouched for long tend to get rusted or stuck. That’s the next step – oil what needs to be oiled, run what needs to be run. A scheduled visit is always a longish visit with enough time taken to check everything from the hinges of doors and drawers to the electrical fittings and the taps and showers. We recommend the taps, showers and fans to be run atleast for fifteen minutes each time. Periodic cleaning is also done for each vacant property. Each time, the manager ensures that pictures are taken and communication made to the owners.

We then look out for weather and nature intrusionsin the property. Whether it’s a beehive or a bird’s nest or a termite attack – we have it all checked for. Pest control is an integral part of managing property effectively. If heavy rains or storm has hit the particular area, we promptly visit the property right after, to check for damages or water seepage.

And then of course we also take care of the regular things that need to be done – paying the bills, clearing the mailbox. Apart from all this we also look into any specific requirements that the owner has with regard to interior work or redesigning the house.

That’s why at Raksha Property Management, we proudly claim that we take care of your property like you would do – with each minute detail covered. So whether it’s vacant or occupied - property is not left unattended.


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