Authored by - Asha Mathew                                                                                                                                               

When customer satisfaction and trust are the driving forces of an organization, innovation and adaptation with changing times becomes a way of work. At Raksha Property Management, we value these aspects the most and make them our driving force. We understand that not just during these times of social distancing, even otherwise, greater use of technology to our advantage has to become our mandate. One of the steps in this direction has been to initiate the process of having live streaming and recordings of maintenance work on the Cloud accessible to customers instantly.

How do we go about it?

Maintenance work from now will not necessarily require the physical presence of a supervisor at the site. A remotely accessible camera would be placed optimally to record all the maintenance work as it is taking place. This footage gets stored on the Cloud and can be accessed live by the company and the property owner to check on the work even as it is happening. The footage also gets saved on the Cloud and can be accessed even later if required for any kind of reference.

What’s in it for everyone?

The Property Owners – They get a first hand understanding of what exactly is happening at their property. This takes away all chances of complaint and distrust at a later stage, that happens on the pretext of being kept in the dark regarding maintenance work. It also gives them the freedom to immediately intervene, even from a distance, if they feel the work isn’t going as per plan.

The Organization – First of all, a clear and systematic documentation of all that happens under the maintenance overhead. This is very important especially in times like this when it’s not possible to step out and be everywhere. The organization also gets a first-hand understanding of the kind of work that is being done by the workers who have been hired. A lot of time maintenance work becomes more of an eyewash with an impressive cover up to a rather shoddy work. With continuous, centralized monitoring like this, the probability of this kind of issues with quality will greatly reduce. 

The Property Manager – The person, in the organization whose time needs to be divided among all the different maintenance work that has been scheduled. This practice will greatly reduce unnecessary travel time for the managers. Now, from the comfort of their office they can simultaneously supervise more than one piece of maintenance work at a time. The time saved thus can be used for other productive work like generating and following up on leads.

The maintenance chronicles on the Cloud will go a long way in sorting out most of the maintenance woes. However, we also take cognizance that technology is a tool to boost our efficiency and not the only yardstick or measure for efficiency.

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